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Higher Regional Court verdict in Austria defines organised ethical consumerism as coercion

The quintessential task of NGOs – exposing unethical business practice of corporations and pushing for change by informing the public – is being criminalised.




"Is this Demonstration Coercion?"

This question was floated once again last Friday and Saturday by Tyrolean animal rights activists in Austria at their demonstration.


Head of department prof. Schwaighofer criticises HRC-verdict of the animal rights activist trial 2.0

"Every threat to strike to push for higher wages would then be coercion" Austrians foremost expert for criminal coercion interprets the verdict.


A Not-Guilty Verdict in the Animal Protection Trial!!!!!!!!!!!

The verdict on the 2nd May 2011 was indeed a historic one: The judge acquitted all 13 defendants of all charges and added that police had lied under oath, had undertaken illegal investigations and suppressed results of their investigations


End of the Animal Protection Trial!

Ninety-seven days in court !! some of those lasting up to fifteen and a half hours without a lunch break !! Verdict due on 2nd May


Animal Protection Trial: Second Police Infiltrator exposed

VGT identifies Undercover Agent 481 – Permanently under the influence of alcohol, served time in prison and whose application for a job with VGT was turned down


Austrian Pig Breeding: A Case for the People's Lawyer!

Due to a lawyer's complaint the People's Lawyer Peter Kostelka and his TV camera crew have taken up the issue of farrowing crates used in pig breeding to be aired in their show later this month


Animal Protection Trial: Undercover Agent within VGT confirmed

Investigators and Prosecution give false evidence in Court. Seventeen months active within VGT: Undercover infiltration unlawfully carried out


Animal Protection Trial – Update September 2010

This trial against 13 animal rights campaigners accused of being members of a Mafia-like criminal organisation started on 2 March 2010. So far there have been 50 days spent in court and the end of this monster trial is no where in sight. On the contrary, the court is still only hearing witnesses from the prosecution!


Verdict in trial on legal guardianship for a chimp appealed to High Courts in Austria

Provincial Court in Wr. Neustadt turns down appeal against negative decision of district court, claiming the applicant has no right to appeal


Austrian activist found not guilty in fur farm trial in Finland

Verdict puts a stop to the criminalisation of legitimate animal rights activism, the activist says


Austrian Courts overturn bird trapping ban

On the 22nd March the constitutional courts in Austria ruled the federal ban on the regional tradition of bird trapping was "unconstitutional".


World first: Great Ape trial in Austria

In a groundbreaking case at the Mödling district court, south of Vienna, Austria, a judge is to rule whether a chimp deserves a legal guardian

January 2007

History of the Austrian Wild Animals Interdiction in Circus?


Investigation reveals horrific conditions in Austria's pig farms


Austrian activists call old vivisection law outdated

At a demonstration in front of the Austrian Parliament, animal rights campaigners have demanded a new legislation on animal experiments to replace the existing law which campaigners have described as outdated


Bird trapping season begins in Austria

Song Bird trapping season in the Salzkammergut region of Austria is due to begin in mid-September amid controversy over a national animal welfare law that makes the practice illegal.


EU threat against Austrian circus animal thwarted

After complaints by foreign circuses, the EU commission threatened to undo the Austrian ban on wild animals.


Photos of trapping Song Birds in Salzkammergut, Upper Austria

January 2005

Broiler chickens in Austria

Short film
1:40 min, 3 MB



Animal Law: what VGT has achieved in Austria!

After 10 years of direct campaigning, VGT has achieved an impressive set of laws protecting animals that sets a new standard worldwide

EVU Database

Vegan Recipes

Look for your favourite in about 2.000 vegan recipes.

EVU Database

Vegetarian Restaurants in Europe

Search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Switzerland.


"PIG-VISION" Following the fate of two pigs

The "pig-vision" campaign is run by UNITED CREATURES. "Pig-vision" wants to take a closer look at the life of pigs, who, in modern society, are seen, first and foremost as livestock


Comment: Abolitionism versus Reformism


Abolitionism versus Reformism

or which type of campaign will lead to animal rights eventually



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