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Call to Self-Indictment

VGTs second self-indictment campaign

To send off your self-indictment read through the letter below to the public prosecutor and notification to the company sport Eybl. Then go to the instructions for filling in the form which can be found by following the link at the bottom of this page.

After sending your self-indictment you will receive a confirmation email in German. It is not necessary to respond to this email.

This is a direct translation of the German self-indictment. The form itself is not available in other languages.

Staatsanwaltschaft Wr. Neustadt
Maria Theresienring 5
2700 Wiener Neustadt

Presentation of the Facts:

Dear Public Prosecutor,

The attached document is of an email detailing my notification to the company SPORT EYBL that a campaign against them will start should they continue to sell fur in the future. The aim of this campaign is to inform customers that EYBL sells fur in order that they choose, for reasons of animal protection, not to shop at EYBL until such a time that the company changes its policy on this matter.

You are surely aware of the Wr. Neustadt court proceedings against animal campaigners charged with, amongst other things, criminal coercion. The email to the company EYBL uses the same wording as the 6 emails written and sent in 2006 by the defendant Felix Hnat to the company Fürnkranz. The charge of criminal coercion against Mr Hnat is based on these emails. The implications of the threat outlined in both the Fürnkranz and EYBL emails must therefore be identical.

That this email to the company EYBL is meant seriously is shown by the fact that demonstrations and other campaign measures are already taking place against EYBL and I intend to support them. The company EYBL is of course aware of these activities and must therefore have taken my email seriously.

I therefore request an assessment on possible conformance with statutory offence § 105 Abs 1 StGB (Nötigung) bzw § 106 Abs 1 StGB (Schwere Nötigung) in the context of the Higher Regional Court of Vienna's Verdict 19 Bs 491/12p from 23.05.2013.

Please inform me of the outcome of this assessment.

Yours sincerely,
First name Surname

Filling out the form

You need to fill out the following fields in the self-indictment form. English translations of the field names are listed here:

Salutation (Frau: Ms/Mrs., Herr: Mr.)
First name
Straße Nr.
Street and number
Country (i.e. Vereinigtes Königreich: United Kingdom)
Date of birth (Tag: day, Monat: month, Jahr: year)

Fur sold at Sport Eybl

Dear SPORT EYBL Management,

Some months ago you were contacted with the request to pull out of the fur trade. Many companies have already taken this step and, as a result, were positively reported on in a press release and in the VGT magazine. The animal welfare organisation Four Paws has also published a list of companies selling and not selling fur. The anti-fur feeling is strong. We are in contact with all other animal protection groups and will be passing your statement on to them. Positive advertising is only possible with a complete opt-out!

It is therefore very important that you send us an opt-out statement in the coming days (for example: The company EYBL hereby confirms that as of 01.08.2014 it will no longer order or sell articles made in whole or in part from fur. This includes all real animal fur and is valid for a minimum period of 5 years.) because the company to be chosen for the next big anti fur campaign is currently being considered. The preparations for this have already begun. And EYBL is on the short list, there have been weekly demonstrations in front of the EYBL store in Vienna's Mariahilferstraße since early December 2013. There is still a chance for EYBL to come away from this with a 'slapped wrist' (in terms of image). Based on your reaction so far, some people are of the opinion that you are using delaying tactics.

The information that you sell fur has already been distributed and the company for the next big campaign will be voted on by all people against fur. You can prevent this from happening with your prompt opt-out statement. In the very near future we will be starting a further campaign. It will be the same type of campaign as those from VGT already run or running against C&A, P&C and Kleider Bauer. You can influence the outcome of which company the next campaign will be against by clearly indicating whether EYBL intends to pull out of the fur trade and, if so, from when and for how long.

We, the signatories, take this matter is very seriously. We are determined to put our words into action. Our definition of campaign is the holding of regular, registered demonstrations, media events and creative street theatre along with distributing leaflets and showing posters with the aim of informing your customers so that they, out of concern for animal welfare, decide not to give your company their custom.

In expectation of your statement regarding your sale of fur and image promoting opt-out.

Yours sincerely,
First name Surname

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