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List of our most successful campaigns

Most of our activities lead to more than one result. By public appearances in the media, we are able to inform people about the conditions in animal factories and make them aware of animal concerns. With our demonstrations, information stalls, tours and actions we are able to reach many people and expose important facts about the treatment of animals. How can you review the shifts in peoples’ attitudes towards animals? How can you measure these changes in society?

Here are some important milestones on our way to realising animal rights. The association against animal factories initiated these changes or supported the realisation of them in cooperation with others.

  • all supermarkets and discount stores in Austria stop selling battery eggs (2007)
  • many department stores stop selling fur (C&A by 2002, Zara, Mango, Benetton by 2004, P&C, Schöps, Turek by 2006)
  • ban on using apes (bonobos, chimps, gorillas, orang utans and gibbons) in experiments (2006)
  • stop procedures by the EU commission to undo the ban on wild animals in circuses in Austria (2006)
  • ban on battery farms, conventional by 2009 and enriched by 2020 (2005)
  • ban on keeping and using wild animals in circuses (2005)
  • enactment of the Austrian Federal Animal Protection act (2005)
  • establishing the animal ombudsmanship (a state appointed expert responsible for representing the interests of animals in court procedures) in the nine provinces of Austria (2005)
  • ban on trapping and exhibiting songbirds (2005)
  • closure of a pig factory in Upper Austria (2005)
  • a new law on pheasantries (2005) leads to the closure of a number of them (2006)
  • the Austrian parliamentary parties support a unanimous motion to ask the government to include “the protection of life and wellbeing of animals” alongside human rights into the constitution (2004)
  • abolition of experiments on rats as part of the introductory lectures in biology classes at the University of Vienna (2004)
  • closure of seminary factory farms in Kremsmünster (1999)
  • ban on fur farms in Austria (1998)
  • closure of the last Austrian fur farm (1998)
  • ban on ram fighting in Zillertal in the Tyrol (1998)




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