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Animal Factories
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A little girl holding a stuffed piglet in front of horribly caged pigs

No more caged farming in the EU!

European Citizens’ Initiative

The signature collection for the European Citizens' Initiative End The Cage Age ended on 11 September with an incredible number of over 1.4 million signatures. A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped to achieve this historic goal! Never before have so many people spoken out for so-called farm animals and every single one of these animals now has a better chance of a cage-free life.

Next steps

Of course, our work is not over yet. On 15 April, a hearing was held in the EU Parliament, where various stakeholders, such as scientists, MEPs and committees were allowed to speak. On 10 June 2021, the plenary session of the European Parliament took place, where there was a debate/vote on the resolution to end cages. The resolution was adopted by an overwhelming majority of 558 votes to 37. The next step is now for the EU Commission to decide whether to start a process to change EU legislation on farmed animals.

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