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An end to slatted flooring for pigs in Austria
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About VGT

We at Association against Animal Factories (VGT) are dedicated to reducing animal exploitation and abuse and stopping these practices in the long run. The VGT is an independent organisation, unaffiliated to any political party and entirely financed by public donations.

The work of the VGT would not be possible without the time, creativity and commitment that volunteer activists invest into furthering the animal cause. Indeed, the organisation sees its role as empowering and supporting members of civil society alarmed by the treatment of animals, to exercise their democratic rights for bringing about change.

There is no ethically acceptable reason to exclude non-human animals from having the same basic rights afforded to humans. The ability to suffer is the defining criterion for membership in a community guaranteeing basic rights. These basic rights are to be protected regardless of whether their violation is culturally, historically or religiously motivated.

The VGT follows the vision of a fair, ecological and ethically responsible coexistence with all beings in the world. We employ modern and effective instruments of political activism in combination with awareness-raising to realise our goals. The VGT adheres to a strict policy of non-violence.

What we do in more detail

Our achievements

After many years of direct campaigning, VGT has achieved an impressive set of laws protecting animals that sets new standards worldwide. Here are some important milestones on the way to realising animal rights. VGT brought about these changes or supported their realisation in cooperation with other groups.

A ban on slatted flooring for pigs
ETCA – European Citizens’ Initiative: No more caged farming in the EU!
Calf transport – public scandal on live animal transport in the milk industry
CO2 stunning of pigs
An end to the horse-drawn carriage trade
Piglet Castration – Campaign for banning castration without anaesthetic
Management of wild animals to replace hunting in Vienna's Lainzer Tiergarten woodland and park
Improvements to the law governing the horse and carriage trade
2015 came into effect in 2016
Improvements to the law concerning animal cruelty (§ 222 StGB)
Ban on fairs for the sale of wild animals
Austrian Ombudsman Board declares tethering of cattle unlawful
Successful challenge to the attempt to increase stocking density of poultry
Austrian constitution amended to include animal welfare
2012 came into effect in 2015
Implementation of criteria catalogue used to evaluate applications to carry out animal experiments
2011 taking effect in 2033
Ban on the use of sow stalls
2008 – 2014
The Austrian Animal Protection Trial: Following many successful campaigns for better animal protection, VGT experienced shocking levels of state repression. The most infuential activists in Austria where detained and accused of being members of a criminal organisation. In the end the verdict was not guilty on any count but the fight against this attempt to silence animal welfare work in Austria lasted many years.
Legal challenge to appoint a legal guardian for Chimp Matthias Pan aka Hiasl, meaning he would be recognised by the court as having personhood according to Austrian law.
2007 came into effect in 2012
Ban on keeping rabbits used for meat in cages
2006 came into effect in 2007
All supermarkets and discount stores in Austria stop selling battery eggs
Ban on the use of great apes in experiments
Nation wide animal protection law instead of 9 different provincial laws established.
Full cage ban for laying hens (including enriched versions) achieved.
Animal ombudsman to take up cases on behalf of animal victims.
New law implemented on pheasant breeding
2004 agreed on, but enacted only after our renewed campaign in 2013
Austrian parliamentary parties support a unanimous motion to ask the government to include the protection of life and well-being of animals alongside human rights into the constitution
2004 came into effect in 2009
Ban on battery farms for laying hens
2004 both came into effect in 2005
Enactment of the Austrian Federal Animal Protection act
Animal ombudsman appointed in each Austrian province
2002 came into effect in 2005
Ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
Closure of all fur farms in Austria. Ban on fur farms in 6 provinces. (In the remaining 3 provinces stronger laws and regulations made selling fur unprofitable. This resulted in there being no fur farms in Austria after 1998. A federal ban came into force as part of the 2005 animal protection act.)
Ban on ram fighting in Zillertal in Tyrol
Establishment of inspection body for the treatment of farmed animals
Implementation of ultra violet light used for egg inspection. This ended the scandal of selling cheaply produced eggs from caged hens as eggs from hens kept in improved systems.