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Ban on fur farming

Legal situation in Austria now

  • §25 (5) TSG states: It is forbidden to keep fur bearing animals in order to produce fur.

The way to the Austrian total ban on fur farming

In November 1998, we achieved the closure of all Austrian fur farms in practice. The last fur farmer was compensated and moved on into the Czech Republic to found the largest mink farm there. In 1998, the fur farm ban was a complete ban only in 6 of 9 provinces. In the remaining 3 provinces, such strict conditions for fur farming were put in place that no fur farm could be commercially viable.

In 2005, the law was extended to the whole of Austria and now bans fur farming of all fur bearing animals, full stop. The ban essentially says that is illegal to keep any animal for the sake of retrieving his or her fur.

The Austrian ban had a ripple-on effect for many other countries, especially England, Wales and Scotland.

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