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Time and place

Saturday, November 5th 2016
Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna


10 am
Meeting time – Please be on time! (getting overalls, changing into them, getting into position and handing out the animals for several hundred people can take quite a long time!)
12 pm
Start of the silent vigil with an address from Martin Balluch
13 pm
End of the vigil; collection of the animals
14 pm
People can leave their positions, get changed and hand back the overalls, gloves and t-shirts

Where do the animals come from?

Every day, countless individual animals die in factory farms. A relatively high mortality rate is calculated into every farm's budget and so the dead animals are thrown away like rubbish. We have collected a small number of these animals in the hope that presenting their needless suffering and death in this context will prompt people to rethink how they see animals.

How was the vigil taking place and how long did it last?

We began preparing and setting up the vigil at 10. We expected large numbers of people, which meant we needed a lot of time to get everyone ready. As soon as all participants had changed into their overalls we could start taking our positions in formation on the Schwarzenbergplatz. When everyone was in place, we began to distribute the animals. By 12 midday, everyone was at position with their animal for the start of the silent vigil. The vigil lasted for an hour, until 1 pm and during this time, there was an address. At 1 pm we came around among the participants and collected all animals. After all animals have been collected, all could leave their positions, got changed and handed in the overalls, gloves and t-shirt. Please note – there was monitoring staff present during the vigil, their job was to make sure all are ok. They came over and offered assistance if people needed anything while they where in position.

Where did people put bags, rucksacks, clothes and valuables during the vigil?

Possessions could be left, free of charge, in our cloak room tent for the duration of the event. However, we where unable to accept any liability! Therefore advised people to leave valuables at home.

Mobile phones

We kindly asked all to switch their mobiles to silent mode before the vigil started to avoid the mood of the event being disturbed.

Shuttle service option

To make it as easy as possible to take part in this event, we offered organise busses to bring people to Vienna. This service did depend on how many people chose it as an option. If enough people had registered from areas in close proximity to another, this would have been a sensible this service. But in the end not many people came from the same places. Therefore there was no need for a centralised shuttle service.

impressions from the vigil