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Animal rights NOW!

Give animals a voice!

Kept in factory farms, confined in cages, tightly crammed together, endangered by environmental damage, tortured in laboratories, killed in slaughterhauses ...

Every day countless animals are victimized in factory farms – by a society which grants them only as much value as can be gained for human pleasure or profit by abusing them. We give these animals a voice. Each single one of them was an individual with personal feelings and a right to life.

Our society treats animals in many horrific ways. We confronted the general public with this suffering by holding the biggest ever vigil with the bodies of 650 individual dead animals. For an hour, each person held up the body of one dead individual and stood silently while accounts of the animals' lives have been read out for all to hear. The vigil took place at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. We had excellent media coverage.

We thank the compassionate people from all over Europe who where helping and participating and this way made this biggest ever vigil possible.

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